About Us

The founders of ATAK ÇELİK estabalished the company in 1998 with an expirience of 40 years. Vural Alicik, General Manager of ATAK ÇELİK, developed outstanding applications and technical solutions and called attention to the relevant sector in archiving systems, library furnitures, metal furniture, office applications etc. Togethter with a well experienced team of, ATAK ÇELİK has determined its place in its sector on a solid base.

Compact archiving systems, developed for use in various sectors, paved the way for specific developments such as technical and archival applications in the sector.

The whole manufacturing of the products is based on disassembled products and is the reason to become a more and more prefered company in Europe, Balkans, Middle-East and Russia.

Besides Library Systems and Office Furniture, you can store your valuable goods like Files, Paintings, Carpet, sculpture , ceramics etc. with custom archiving systems. Atak Çelik broughtl archiving solutions for many important institutes throughout the nation. Our next goal is to improve the upgraded functionality, modularity and the easy to install features of our rationel products in order to make an improvement in accordance with international standarts.